DJ F – Ideograma – Acid Future Overdose.

DJ F could be considered as one of the finest artists the underground scene in Madrid has to offer.

He started his career as a DJ back in 1992, and very soon he became a key figure in the spanish underground scene, playing in some of the most important clubs across the country.

Influenced mainly by the early 90's sounds of detroit and I.D.M. Pioneers like Autechre, amongst a wide variety of music, DJ F soon started developing his own productions under different monikers to cover all his musical aspirations.

Quietly and step by step, F took all what surrounded him musically, look into himself too see what he really had to offer, took all that, and used it to create some of the most beautiful pieces you can think of. Music full of soul and passion, like you never heard before.He has released in labels like Frigio, Semántica, Titan's Halo, Eleve, Freebeat, AHD Records.

Entidad Energética Turbocapitalism 2016
Prayers For The Long Life 02 Prayers For The Long Life 2015
Prayers For The Long Life 01 Prayers For The Long Life 2015
1974 (album) A Harmless Deed 2014
Transformación A Harmless Deed 2013
Geographic Ascending Frigio Records 2013
Dj F & Jose Rico - Red Series ELEVE 2012
Sowing Paranoia, DJ-F - Cydonia Area 51 2012
Jose Rico & dj f - Colour Of A Place Freebeat 2011
Reflection Of The Ubiquity Semantica Records 2011
Calma Titan´s Halo Records 2010
New Generation /313Soul / Utopia Chaval Records 2009
Rootwork (DJ F Restructure) Lovemonk 2014
Demobreak Gladio Operations 2014
Silence Titan´s Halo Titan´s Halo 2010
Playground 09 EP Playground 2009
Pelacha, DJ F, Vaco Ispirian - Pelacha & Friends Playground 2008