Iron Blu(aka Mick Clarke)







Iron Blu (aka Mick Clarke) is a UK producer, DJ and broadcaster on Intergalactic FM, and who runs the label Flight Recorder. He has releases on Rothmans, Plastic Fantastic, Out Of Bounds, Endless Illusion, Vivod, Flight Recorder, Remote Influence, LBL, MinimalRome, Magic Waves, Per Musica Ad Astra. He has a production career spanning more than three decades and the genres of krautrock/cosmic, post-punk and electro funk. In past guises he has released on Blubber Lips, Some Bizzare Records, Hardware, Full Circle, HOS, Quad Communications, Coded, Global Underground and Street Sounds. He is a former original member of postpunk electronic band Naked Lunch (of Some Bizzare Records Records).

He has been broadcasting on Intergalactic FM for in excess of four years, with the weekly Radio Oscillations which, in his own words is "an hour of music which started in a decade of no rules which came out of Germany from around the 1968 German and Italian student movement and French protests. Groundbreaking ’krautrock’ and beyond....." He does a fortnightly mix called Subspace Watussi and is part of the Europe and UK wide collective Magic Waves, co-hosting once a month their weekly four hour live show.


He runs the label Flight Recorder which releases 'weapons of desire' on vinyl, CD-R and digital. The roster of artists include, amongst others, Cottam, Emile Strunz, Casionova, Kid Machine, Alessandro Parisi, Antoni Maiovvi, Type-303, Rude 66 and a whole lot more.

Zusammen! (Album) Per Musica Ad Astra 2016
Games Blubber Lips 1978
Chromengel - C-Scape Magic Waves 2016
Iron Blu - Science Probe Vessel LBL 2015
Iron Blu - Lincoln Meadow Out Of Bounds 2013
Iron Blu - Beyond The Diamond Sky Plastic Fantastic 2013
Iron Blu - Jack 'n' Daniels Flight Recorder 2012
Axel - Paradiso Coded 2000
Soku feat. Jess Okoro - Precious Quad Communications 1999
Digital Monkeys - Momentary Elements Coded 1999
Digital Monkeys - Paralysed Paradise Coded 1998
The Nice Phenomenon - The End Nice Vinyl 1998
Fabulous Byker Boys - Daddy white label 1997
Splendex - Chatterbox Full Circle 1996
League Of Sinners - Primary Emotions Full Circle 1995
Deep Level - Murray Walker Just Create 1995
Sister Cyrex - Frequently Asked Questions Heidi Of Switzerland 1994
League Of Sinners - Primary Emotions Shindig 1994
Alicante - D'addario Strategic Dance Initiative 1993
Two Bad Boys - Carry On Up The Junglism Strategic Dance Initiative 1992
SR2 - The Crunch Hardware Records 1991
G-Force - It's Brill Up North white label 1991
Sister Cyrex - Frequently Asked Questions Heidi Of Switzerland 1994
SR2 - Compulsion Hardware Records 1991
Naked Lunch - Rabies 7" Ramkup 198
Type-303 - Moon Child (Iron Blu Remix) Flight Recorder 2016
Steve Cook - Wonderwheel (Iron Blu Remix) Flight Recorder 2016
Odic Force - From The Otherside (Iron Blu Remix)     Flight Recorder 2015
Blakks - Ladynamo (Iron Blu KR55 Remix) Flight Recorder 2015
Various - Recontructing Thessaloniki    Remote Influence 2015
Emile Strunz & Iron Blu Vivod 2014
Various - Golden Ratio Endless Illusion 2014
Various - The Claudio Gentile Release  Rothmans 2013
Obliged To Space (Schwingungen - Sagan) Flight Recorder 2013
Nu Electro Vol.3 (Mr.P & The Gunslinger - Just Another Day)  Street Sounds 2010
Electric Calm V.3 (Spanna - Space Cadet)  Global Underground 2006
After Hours 2 (Spanna - Phe Global Underground 2005
Electric Calm V.2 (Spanna - Transition) Global Underground 2003
After Hours (Spanna - Kan Kan) Global Underground 2002
BT - Loving You More (The Forth Remix) Perfecto 1996
The Twister - Clean It Up (The Forth's Twisted Dub) Paradiso Recordings 1996
Some Bizzare Album (Naked Lunch - La Femme) Some Bizzare Records 1981