Le Chocolat Noir (aka Honored Matres)







Honored Matres aka Le Chocolat Noir is hailing from the Croatian industrial city of Sisak. His vision of clubbing was formed in the Zagreb underground parties already in '91/'92 dancing lost in the smoke under strobe  lights along with other freaks. Following more then a decade of being music lover and clubber, HM/LCN started DJing in the beginning of the Millennium and produced his first tracks in 2005. He describes his production  as cold/noir electronica and likes to use the term consistent inconsistency for his work, something that's noticable when listening though his releases. HM/LCN, during his 15 years of DJing, has not restrained from playing  everything from dark to kitch, from obscure to 'hits you heard too many times', from noise and raw sound to 'as-it-shoud-be/refined' production, and much more in-between. The similar approach is duplicated into his live  performances that can be either concert or club ones, or the combination of the two. He can play one project or another or combine the two together. HM/LCN performes with hardware and live vox. Fairly  hyperproductive, he self-released three audio cassettes over the last several years while his tracks and remixes were released on Attractive!, Bordello A Parigi, Soundtravels, Romance Moderne, Creme  Organization, Basic Unit Productions, Adriatiko, Home Made Electronica, NAUK and Wave Records. 2016 will see new Eps on Frigio, Kraftjerkz and Helena Hauffs label Return To Disorder. During the last five years LCN/HM is selecting and playing a wide range of music in his radio show Disco Panonia on the  Den Hague based Internet radio Intergalactic FM and is also, together with Zarkoff, a member of Florence Foster Fan Club (FFFC). http://discopanonia.net

LE CHOCOLAT NOIR - Dans Le Salon Des Refusés (cassette) Album InClub Records 2016
LE CHOCOLAT NOIR - Transform EP Frigio Records 2016
Honored Matres – Subliminal Wargames (File) EP Adriatiko 2016
LE CHOCOLAT NOIR - Models Unrepresentative Charlois 2016
LE CHOCOLAT NOIR - Untitled (Vinyl) Split EP Return To Disorder 2016
HONORED MATRES/ LE CHOCOLAT NOIR – Pannonia Noir Pt2 (Vinyl)  Split EP Kraftjerkz 2015
FFFC – Songs From The Lab (Vinyl) EP Gooiland Elektro 2015
HONORED MATRES – Pannonia Noir (Vinyl) Split EP Kraftjerkz 2014
LE CHOCOLAT NOIR – Aiming For Utopia (Tape, File) Album Disco Panonia 2013
DIVIDER feat. JASMIN YAS – Minimal Distraction (File) EP Basic Unit Productions 2013
LE CHOCOLAT NOIR – Losing It / Nice Toys (File) EP Adriatiko Rec 2013
LE CHOCOLAT NOIR – (Dans) Les Ombres (Tape, File) EP Disco Panonia 2013
LE CHOCOLAT NOIR – Way Out (Tape, Cdr, File) EP Disco Panonia 2012
FFFC – Running out of time (File) EP Romance Moderne 2011
LE CHOCOLAT NOIR – Irreversible (File) EP Romance Moderne 2011
LE CHOCOLAT NOIR – Bitter Sweet (File) EP Home Made 2011
FFFC - Everyday Theatre (CD) Album Wave Records 2009
LE CHOCOLAT NOIR – Who We Are (File) EP Home Made 2007
Le Chocolat Noir – Reason (Vinyl) EP Mélodies Souterraines 2017
Le Chocolat Noir – Never Let Go (Coexistence Mix) In The Dark Again 2016
Le Chocolat Noir – Vivere Kraftjerkz 2016
Honored Matres - Power And Violence Kraftjerkz 2016
Honored Matres - Cycles (Vinyl) EP Kraftjerkz 2016
HONORED MATRES – Methylphenidate (File) Album Seagrave 2015
HONORED MATRES – Tiramisu In Rome (File) Album Creme Organization 2015
LE CHOCOLAT NOIR – Disco Noir (Vinyl) EP Bordello A Parigi 2014
FM – The Practical Pyromaniac (LCN Remix) EP Adriatiko Recordings 2014
HONORED MATRES – Liberation (Vinyl) EP Frigio Records 2014
IVNA JI – Kites (Honored Matres Remix) (File) EP Adriatiko Recordings 2014
LE CHOCOLAT NOIR – Futu.e Is B.ight (Vinyl) Album Soundtravels 2013
LE CHOCOLAT NOIR – Fetish (Vinyl) Album Attractive! 2013
FFFC – On (Borghesia) (File) Album Room Tracks 2013
LE CHOCOLAT NOIR – Pasto Nudo (Borghesia) (File) Album Room Tracks 2013
LE CHOCOLAT NOIR – Kocka Od Stakla (File) Album NAUK 2013
FFFC – Neuromancy (Demo Version) (File) Album NAUK 2013
LE CHOCOLAT NOIR – Computer Says No (File) Album Crobot Muzik 2013
FFFC – Methadona Addiction (Vinyl) Album Romance Moderne 2012
LE CHOCOLAT NOIR – Irreversible (Vinyl) Album Romance Moderne 2012
3 COLD MAN – J'ai Le Sentiment (FFFC Remix) (CD) Album Wave Records 2012
MARGITA JE MRTVA – Blitzmädel (LCN Tanz Remix) (File) EP NAUK 2011
INDIVIDUAL INDUSTRY – Free In The Universe (FFFC Remix) (CD) Album Wave Records 2011
LE CHOCOLAT NOIR – Impatient (CD) Album Welt-Am-Draht Radio 2010
FFFC – Subliminal Neurosis (CD) Album Enfant Terrible 2009
FFFC – Neuromancy (CD) Album Wave Records 2009
WINTRY – Voices (FFFC Remix) (CD) Album Wave Records 2009
FFFC – Market (File) Album Diggarama 2009






Iron Blu(aka Mick Clarke)







Iron Blu (aka Mick Clarke) is a UK producer, DJ and broadcaster on Intergalactic FM, and who runs the label Flight Recorder. He has releases on Rothmans, Plastic Fantastic, Out Of Bounds, Endless Illusion, Vivod, Flight Recorder, Remote Influence, LBL, MinimalRome, Magic Waves, Per Musica Ad Astra. He has a production career spanning more than three decades and the genres of krautrock/cosmic, post-punk and electro funk. In past guises he has released on Blubber Lips, Some Bizzare Records, Hardware, Full Circle, HOS, Quad Communications, Coded, Global Underground and Street Sounds. He is a former original member of postpunk electronic band Naked Lunch (of Some Bizzare Records Records).

He has been broadcasting on Intergalactic FM for in excess of four years, with the weekly Radio Oscillations which, in his own words is "an hour of music which started in a decade of no rules which came out of Germany from around the 1968 German and Italian student movement and French protests. Groundbreaking ’krautrock’ and beyond....." He does a fortnightly mix called Subspace Watussi and is part of the Europe and UK wide collective Magic Waves, co-hosting once a month their weekly four hour live show.


He runs the label Flight Recorder which releases 'weapons of desire' on vinyl, CD-R and digital. The roster of artists include, amongst others, Cottam, Emile Strunz, Casionova, Kid Machine, Alessandro Parisi, Antoni Maiovvi, Type-303, Rude 66 and a whole lot more.

Zusammen! (Album) Per Musica Ad Astra 2016
Games Blubber Lips 1978
Chromengel - C-Scape Magic Waves 2016
Iron Blu - Science Probe Vessel LBL 2015
Iron Blu - Lincoln Meadow Out Of Bounds 2013
Iron Blu - Beyond The Diamond Sky Plastic Fantastic 2013
Iron Blu - Jack 'n' Daniels Flight Recorder 2012
Axel - Paradiso Coded 2000
Soku feat. Jess Okoro - Precious Quad Communications 1999
Digital Monkeys - Momentary Elements Coded 1999
Digital Monkeys - Paralysed Paradise Coded 1998
The Nice Phenomenon - The End Nice Vinyl 1998
Fabulous Byker Boys - Daddy white label 1997
Splendex - Chatterbox Full Circle 1996
League Of Sinners - Primary Emotions Full Circle 1995
Deep Level - Murray Walker Just Create 1995
Sister Cyrex - Frequently Asked Questions Heidi Of Switzerland 1994
League Of Sinners - Primary Emotions Shindig 1994
Alicante - D'addario Strategic Dance Initiative 1993
Two Bad Boys - Carry On Up The Junglism Strategic Dance Initiative 1992
SR2 - The Crunch Hardware Records 1991
G-Force - It's Brill Up North white label 1991
Sister Cyrex - Frequently Asked Questions Heidi Of Switzerland 1994
SR2 - Compulsion Hardware Records 1991
Naked Lunch - Rabies 7" Ramkup 198
Type-303 - Moon Child (Iron Blu Remix) Flight Recorder 2016
Steve Cook - Wonderwheel (Iron Blu Remix) Flight Recorder 2016
Odic Force - From The Otherside (Iron Blu Remix)     Flight Recorder 2015
Blakks - Ladynamo (Iron Blu KR55 Remix) Flight Recorder 2015
Various - Recontructing Thessaloniki    Remote Influence 2015
Emile Strunz & Iron Blu Vivod 2014
Various - Golden Ratio Endless Illusion 2014
Various - The Claudio Gentile Release  Rothmans 2013
Obliged To Space (Schwingungen - Sagan) Flight Recorder 2013
Nu Electro Vol.3 (Mr.P & The Gunslinger - Just Another Day)  Street Sounds 2010
Electric Calm V.3 (Spanna - Space Cadet)  Global Underground 2006
After Hours 2 (Spanna - Phe Global Underground 2005
Electric Calm V.2 (Spanna - Transition) Global Underground 2003
After Hours (Spanna - Kan Kan) Global Underground 2002
BT - Loving You More (The Forth Remix) Perfecto 1996
The Twister - Clean It Up (The Forth's Twisted Dub) Paradiso Recordings 1996
Some Bizzare Album (Naked Lunch - La Femme) Some Bizzare Records 1981







ArD2 is an electronic music project based in George Orwell’s novel 1984 that combines music and sounds instead of words to tell a story set in a near future.

Project developed by producers Penelope Martin (Zwischenwelt, NRSB-11) and Ekis.

Their first album “2084” and the maxi single “ArD2 The Mixes”, was released by Frigio records in 2010. Both releases introduce the listener to the ArD2 universe. 12 tracks that go from the dark atmospheric landscapes to the club orientated electro tunes.

Ekis and Penelope second vinyl effort comes in 2013. Released in their own record label Seti recordings, with the title “Night Lights” this 5 track Ep delivers a more mature sound while it keeps the essence of the production style hear in their first album.

ArD2 offer a live set with a selection of their best released and unreleased tracks as well as DJ sets with a variety of styles from electro to techno, electronica and IDM.

Padded Cell Vol. I (Night Breed + Inner Demons) Seti Recordings 2014
Night Lights Seti Recordings 2013
Wasteland Artico 2013
Dream EP Frigio records 2010
2084 the mixes Frigio records 2010
2084 the Album Frigio records 2010







Boris Divider

Well known for the Electro side, since late nineties Boris Divider is producing electronic music under several names and alias, always in touch with the darker minimal and progressive electronics. He also got influences on the one hand from the first ebm waves, industrial/dark electronic scene and on the other hand from the old school electro and hiphop movement that appeared on the streets of his Madrid city in the early nineties. Cult bands such as Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, YMO, Vangelis... or SciFi film composers like John Carpenter, Brad Fiedel or David Chronenberg are main background to understand his music, and this helped him to start making music with computer trackers, tape decks, sequencers and synths creating a several electronic projects around year 1992.

But it was not until late 2001 he joined PSI49NET A. Rother’s label, with a demo called “Integrated Lives” (1999-2000), and officially presented in early 2002 through the "Electro Commando 1 Welcome To PsiCity" compilation. Besides that, with some productions in the queue and trying to boost his own works he brought to the light his main project called DRIVECOM in 2003. The label got a very good response around the electronic community and it became as one of the most important reference of Electro and maybe the most representative label of this kind from Spain. Now its discography includes classic tracks like “People Love Machines” (2003), “Shut Down The System” (2005), or the great “La Hora De Las Maquinas” (2006) album.

B. Divider’s works appeared not only on his label. You can find exclusively tracks on Satamile, Monotone, MSX, Semantica... imprints with an always anticipated vibe and his releases have got an international respect over the years. They have been charted and supported by the most important electro and techno djs around the world: Dave Clarke, Hardfloor, The Advent, Adam X, Exzakt, Umwelt... From the classic tunes like “Take My Beat” (2003) or “Mundo Conectado” (2006) to the last decade releases such as “Electronics” (2010), “The Last Resistance” (2010), and also the rare and limited “Ultralink” (2010) minialbum released on avant-electronics Semantica imprint. The most recent collaboration in 2011 leads him to work with Hardfloor and E.R.P. on “You Know The Score” (2011) with a dark, and smooth remix.

With the great album “The Source” (2012) finally Boris Divider establishes a new path on his career and open his mind to a new frontiers focused into the sequential and progressive electronic music, refreshing the links between the past and the future, and giving the stage for new productions such as the forthcoming “Aeon” and “Surface” episodes...

As a musician, one of the strongest points is actually his audiovisual live act. Performing sequencer, synths, keyboards and visuals controlled by MIDI in realtime, making each show different since each track is developed on the air for the audience. After almost ten years performing around the world he has received a good response and high rating from the crowd in countries such as Germany, USA (Miami / Detroit), UK, Netherlands, Finland, Croatia, Slovenia, Ireland, Malta, Spain... and playing in the most important events and clubs: Sonar Festival (ES), Amsterdam Dance Event (NL), Life Festival (IE), ..., taking his beats and sequences into the audience bodies.

The Source Drivecom 2012
Ultralink Semantica 2010
La Hora de las Maquinas Drivecom 2006
Surface Drivecom 2013
Aeon Drivecom 2013
TheLast Resistance Drivecom 2010
Electronics Drivecom 2010
L.H.D.M. Remixes Drivecom 2008
Remote Operator Drivecom 2007
Point of No Return MSX 2005
Shut down The System Drivecom 2005
Digital Mind Drivecom 2005
Dark Robot Forces Drivecom 2004
People love Machines Drivecom 2003
World Electronix vol.1 Cultivated Electronics 2012
Semantica 5 Years Compilation Semantica 2011
Elektro Domesticos 3 Fundamental Audio 2011
The Tesla Agents vol.1 Tesla Electronics 2010
Electro Endevours Mix 1 BFP 2010
Zero Oscillator Zerooscillator 2008
Tales Of The Unexpected 3 Platipus 2008
Popular is Wrong LTW 2008
Lust.Love.Electro Monotone 2007
Trax#35 Trax Magazine 2006
Electro Endevours vol.2 BFP 2006
Omniamm Omniamm 2005
Mad Electronics V2 Records 2004
The Guilty Compilation II Dona-Li 2003
Welcome to Psicity Psi49net 2002
You Know The Score Hardfloor 2011
Touch My Soul Mikrolux 2008
In Meroman 0x3 Records 2008
Ippon Redux DeadLock 2008
Dark Mind Monotone 2006
Stranfe MSX 2005



DJ F – Ideograma – Acid Future Overdose.

DJ F could be considered as one of the finest artists the underground scene in Madrid has to offer.

He started his career as a DJ back in 1992, and very soon he became a key figure in the spanish underground scene, playing in some of the most important clubs across the country.

Influenced mainly by the early 90's sounds of detroit and I.D.M. Pioneers like Autechre, amongst a wide variety of music, DJ F soon started developing his own productions under different monikers to cover all his musical aspirations.

Quietly and step by step, F took all what surrounded him musically, look into himself too see what he really had to offer, took all that, and used it to create some of the most beautiful pieces you can think of. Music full of soul and passion, like you never heard before.He has released in labels like Frigio, Semántica, Titan's Halo, Eleve, Freebeat, AHD Records.

Entidad Energética Turbocapitalism 2016
Prayers For The Long Life 02 Prayers For The Long Life 2015
Prayers For The Long Life 01 Prayers For The Long Life 2015
1974 (album) A Harmless Deed 2014
Transformación A Harmless Deed 2013
Geographic Ascending Frigio Records 2013
Dj F & Jose Rico - Red Series ELEVE 2012
Sowing Paranoia, DJ-F - Cydonia Area 51 2012
Jose Rico & dj f - Colour Of A Place Freebeat 2011
Reflection Of The Ubiquity Semantica Records 2011
Calma Titan´s Halo Records 2010
New Generation /313Soul / Utopia Chaval Records 2009
Rootwork (DJ F Restructure) Lovemonk 2014
Demobreak Gladio Operations 2014
Silence Titan´s Halo Titan´s Halo 2010
Playground 09 EP Playground 2009
Pelacha, DJ F, Vaco Ispirian - Pelacha & Friends Playground 2008














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